What is ARM?

The ARM is the only all-inclusive event in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, with hotels and a camping area, meals and 100% logistical support within the route and on the days of the event.

Participate in the most epic race in Latin America or just ride your bike along our marked paths without fear of getting lost, in our two modalities. Our staff and support team will always be with you.


What is ARM?

Adventure Race Mexico (ARM) is the toughest point-to-point stage mountain biking race in Latin America: 6 days, 500 kilometers of mountains, more than 10 thousand meters of accumulated altimetry, 5 magical towns, forests, deserts and jungles are witness to real mountain bikers riding these trails.

It crosses immense desert areas of dry and broken sand, climbs to the top of the Sierra Madre to the pine forest and fog, and descends to the thick jungle of one of the most beautiful ports in Mexico. Cross rivers and waterfalls, push your bike and get back on it.

All this is ARMTBIKE


friday 18

Spring Forest.


Saturday 19

Tepeyac to Zacoalco.


Sunday 20

Zacoalco to Tapalpa.


Monday 21

Tapalpa to Union de Tula.


Tuesday 22

Union of Tula to Pet.


Wednesday 23

Pet to Talpa.


Thursday 24

Talpa to Puerto Vallarta.


Thursday 24

Controlled Stage 50km - Puerto Vallarta50km Controlled Stage - Puerto Vallarta

  • Price for the all inclusive event / All inclusive event price
  • Price in dollars / Price in USD
$1,500 USD $1,200 USD Register now!

What includes?

  • Paquete de corredor.
  • Jersey, calcetines.
  • Medalla de finisher
  • Número frontal bici
  • Lavado de bici al terminar cada etapa
  • Mecánica básica de bici solo aceite y ajustes menores.
  • Zonas de abastecimiento y/o avituallamientos, bebidas rehidratantes, fruta fresca y alimentos
  • Puntos de control o check points médicos y mecánicos
  • Ruta 100% marcada flechas y líneas sobre el terreno.
  • Ruta en GPX STRAVA y/o GARMIN
  • Hotel en La primavera forest
  • Cena de bienvenida
  • Hotel en Zacolaco de Torres
  • Hotel en Juanacatlan
  • Hotel en Unión de Tula
  • Zona de camping en San Miguel de la Sierra
  • Hotel en Talpa de Allende
  • Hotel Buenaventura Grand Hotel Puerto Vallarta
  • Coctel de clausura
  • Cruce de puentes colgantes
  • Comida de bienvenida en CANOPY RIVER
  • Transporte CANOPY RIVER a hotel sede de clausura.
  • Desayunos energéticos todos y cada uno de los días de evento.
  • Comidas nutritivas después de cada etapa.
  • Vehículos de apoyo
  • Vehículo barredora
  • Seguridad pública
  • Servicios médicos
  • CHIP de control
  • Cobertura celular en mas del 80% de la ruta
  • Runner package.
  • Jersey, socks.
  • Finisher's Medal
  • Bike front number
  • Bike wash at the end of each stage
  • Basic bike mechanics only oil and minor adjustments.
  • Supply and/or aid stations, rehydrating drinks, fresh fruit and food
  • Control points or medical and mechanical check points
  • Route 100% marked with arrows and lines on the ground.
  • Route in GPX STRAVA and/or GARMIN
  • Hotel in the spring forest
  • Welcome dinner
  • Hotel in Zacolaco de Torres
  • Hotel in Juanacatlan
  • Hotel in Union de Tula
  • Camping area in San Miguel de la Sierra
  • Hotel in Talpa de Allende
  • Hotel Buenaventura Grand Hotel Puerto Vallarta
  • Closing cocktail
  • Crossing suspension bridges
  • Welcome meal at CANOPY RIVER
  • CANOPY RIVER transportation to the closing venue hotel.
  • Energetic breakfasts each and every day of the event.
  • Nutritious meals after each stage.
  • Support Vehicles
  • Sweeper vehicle
  • Public Safety
  • Medical services
  • Control CHIP
  • Cellular coverage in more than 80% of the route